Does Male Chastity Benefit the Guy?

It’s difficult and more than a little scary for some guys to grant his woman full control over his sex life. Although the male climax can be an awesome experience, the feeling afterwards can be terribly anti-climatic.

Something that most everyone agrees with is that the most powerful sex organ resides somewhere inside of our heads, not between our legs. Nothing is more intoxicating than the anticipatory feeling of impending sexual intimacy.

Males seem to be on a perpetual emotional roller coaster ride that crests at an intensely lustful high just before sex, that quickly spirals down to a neutralized (at best) state of mind that can sometimes border on disdain.

Turning control of his orgasms over to the woman of his dreams brings these unnecessary and capricious ups-and-downs to a screeching halt. When the male is cleverly denied by an understanding, capable and emotionally strong woman, the anticipation of sex will always be there for him. With time, the male mindset adjusts accordingly. For some men a complete reversal takes place; from how he can best satisfy himself, to how he is now free to fulfill her every want and need.

Ironically, achieving this mental state of sexual surrender can be the most satisfying emotion a man can attain.
For any guy who has ever wondered what it’s like to completely adore and cherish a woman, male chastity is the answer. He will come to find himself in an erotically stimulating state of peace and contentment that he never knew existed.

Male chastity coupled with orgasm denial can take a man and woman to a place of romantic intimacy that is reserved for only a few select couples that have the courage to venture down this provocative path. It doesn't make us less of a man to surrender to her!

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