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How Can Male Chastity Benefit the Woman?

Many women associate the term ‘chastity’ with traditional female chastity, without often realizing it has become so popular for men and can actually offer the women many benefits.    For starters, by controlling a man’s orgasms, a woman can free herself from the drudgery of housework, some of it…. or even ALL of it. Ejaculations can become conditional on him keeping the house clean on a regular basis. And that’s in addition to his regular chores or other issues you have both agreed on.

How about sex. Anytime, anyplace and exactly how the woman wants it. You control the when and where. Your orgasms take on an addedChastity Cage Emporium dimension of intensity when you know he doesn’t have the same opportunity to cum, at least not in the near future anyway.
A woman in control can have a caring and attentive partner whose sole focus is on her wants and desires? The only way he ever gets to cum is by making sure you are happy and well taken care of.

Adoration by the man of your dreams is a powerful dynamic for any woman. A denied man thinks about sex often and the object of his desire is the only one who can provide him with release. After all, you're the one holding the keys to his device.
The typical male masturbates more than he will ever admit. Ridding him of this habit is instantly achieved by incorporating male chastity. The only time he will be jerking himself off is for her entertainment.

When a woman denies a man of his orgasm, there is absolutely nothing he will not do for her. The female is only limited by her artful imagination and the man that surrenders himself to you.

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