The Urethra Rod in Male Chastity Cages

There are many different types of male chastity devices that you can get. The most basic ones include a base ring for the penis and a cage that goes over the shaft. However, there are many other options. Some of the most exciting male chastity devices are those that include a urethra plug (also known as a rod.) The use of urethra rods in male chastity devices.

The Purpose of Urethra Rod on Male Chastity Devices

Male chastity cages that include a urethra plug go one step further than typical penis cages. These are ideal for those who want to exercise dominance and control. It also provides some extra stimulation, or punishment, for the man in the cage.

It is not surprising that many people choose male chastity devices that include a urethra rod. This rod is an integral part of the device and it is important to position it properly. It goes inside of the urethra through the pee hole. Depending on the design of the urethra rod, it may be possible to urinate while wearing the device. However, there are also models that prevent this from happening.

As you can see, male chastity cages with urethra rods tend to be more extreme than the regular penis cages. What is the purpose of urethra rod on male chastity devices? All depends on what you want to achieve.

It is important to understand what a urethral rod does. It goes inside of the urethra to provide urethral stimulation and also urethral blockage, depending on the model. In the case of male chastity devices, the urethral rod will typically cause discomfort or even pain if the man gets erect. It is a perfect way to keep him locked up and to deny him pleasure. Including a urethra rod in a chastity cage may be a way to tease the man in many different ways.

There are a couple different styles or types of urethra rod. They can be stainless steel ( which typically are short in length) or medical grade silicone tubes which are available in various lengths. It's really just a preference in my opinion. Both can do what you are imaging.

At the same time, you can use a urethra rod for pure control and dominance. A rod blocks his urethra, keeping him even more locked up and overpowered. Depending on the model, a rod can prevent urination, so it has to be removed regularly. Other models allow for urination so it is possible to wear these male chastity devices for longer periods of time.

In any case, the one might think the purpose of urethra rod on male chastity devices is to dominate a man’s urethra. Whether a man enjoys it or not, and the way the key holder uses this rod, is up to the couple in question. This is not always the reason, I personally love the way it feels during the day. There are many ways to incorporate urethral play into your male chastity routine, so possibilities are endless. Just make sure to read a lot about urethral play before deciding to try a male chastity cage with a urethral rod. This is the only way to stay safe and to prevent potential problems.

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